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Up to another good but shitty episode. The series is filled with injustice. So much injustice, zzz.

Game of Thrones, Tyrion’s trial. Legit teary.

So painful.

add garlic, black pepper and soy sauce.

Squires and butlers are intriguing people.

Mum and I went to visit him at the hospital a few days ago. I was energetic and in high spirits (I wasn’t sure why; I wish to be like that every day! I’m pretty much tired the majority of the time). Mum was quite happy and optimistic too, so we spoke a lot as we PT’d to and from the hospital. Mum and I get into quite a bit of conflict with each other but there are moments when we can communicate with each other and quite well too. It’s moment like these when I feel the closest to her, just laughing and having conversations that flow naturally.

Dad was calm; I guess you don’t have much energy when you’re in recovery. As bad as it was, I expected some complaints or self-pity to flow from his mouth but zilch, he was gentle and happy. It was warming to see mum feed him soup and him behaving like a child, refusing to drink more LOL. We were there for quite a long time but time passed quickly because again, we had interesting conversations. I dunno la! Deep convos with my parentals are rare and when they happen… <3

For each day that he was away, mum went to visit him for extended periods of time, bringing special food and a smile. If people lose their memory with age, I wish that acts of love from the people around them are things that can never be forgotten.

Bad metaphors and craze with a hilarious friend.

"She was an experience, you know what I mean? LOL, it’s not meant to be depressing. Okay, say you’re going for a walk in the park and you see this unique-looking tree amongst other unique trees, and you just stand there going, ‘Oh, that’s a damn cool tree,’ and then the next day you find out that the tree has been moved to another park or something, and then you just go, ‘Oh, oh well. It was a pretty tree but I guess there are other trees in this park to explore and learn about!' You know?”

Trying to explain what it’s like to have awesome, interesting people in your life for a brief period of time (in a super good mood at early hours of the morning). It’s not depressing! It was good while it lasted.

George Ezra - Budapest


Dat voice.

Beetroot and peanuts.


Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath (via quotes-shape-us)


Father’s Day marked my last day of working at the restaurant. It was a busy but good first year of paid employment :)

I was excited about my last day, and then people started saying: “Awwww, it’s your last time doing this and that…” and then I went: “STAHP! I’m naht supposed to be sad!” I’ll miss working with the cool peeps, but there are greater things ahead.

Currently jobless.

I shall bathe in the freedom of unemployment for a period of time. Before then, I’ve got to focus on those mid-sems.

At least with a cold, I don’t have hayfever, right? Amiright?

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This cold is getting a big hold of me. I feel like vomitting and my head is spinning like crazy. May I please be able to call in sick and not have my soon-to-be-ex-managers hate me.

Dat self-control.

I’ve been binge-eating A LOT since coming back from China, that and being too lazy to exercise equals the gaining of several kilos, lel. My appetite is not good.