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I have a problem with following recipes. I don’t.

But hey, at least it turned out awesome! I eyeballed measurements, added too much water the first time and not enough the next. However, I managed to fix the mishaps and the pizza dough successfully proved overnight into a light, stretchy…dough LOL.

Homemade thin crust pizzas and homemade tomato sauce. Weee.

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- Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger (via quotes-shape-us)
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AA and I went to grab casual dinner after we both finished work (for the same company now) before our free movie session of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I was craving the sweet potato chips from Grill’d so I went to get me some of them with hot chilli mayo. The fire alarm went off at MC and no one moved:

"This is how I die, burnt alive because I didn’t take the fire alarm seriously."

We were just eating away. When we were told to evacuate after five minutes of not giving an ef, a minute later, the alarm stopped.

We went looking forMenya and eventually found it as a small restaurant wedged into a little alley (?). AA got the ox tongue rice he was after with some more chilleehh. The meat was *ravenous mmmmm noise* Sew gewt.

Wanna know what else was good? The movie. It was awesome and so bloody irritating at the same time. You know when you want to grab the characters by the shoulders and exclaim: “DO DIS! DO DIS NAAAOWW!” but they don’t because they’re silly and then people and apes die and then unhappy ending and then :(       Soz, spoilers? Trully though, awesome movie. A few similarities to other sci-fi movies but feck. When I realised how amazing the CG was I was like… :’)

AA and I had a little disagreement. I said something that came across the wrong way and he reacted in shock lol. I don’t wish it didn’t happen, I’m thankful because it made me appreciate him even more. He’s a passionate guy who doesn’t take it when people say something that attacks his values. It was a misunderstanding that was easily resolved because while I listen, he’s patient :) And patience is needed for me, because inarticulacy and word vomit and sarcasm that comes across as serious LOL.


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I have a problem with following recipes. I don’t.

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Can you be really, really happy for someone solely because good things are happening to them? Not because it will benefit you in some way but because they are happy? Yes, yes you can.

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  • "My laptop sucks."
  • "You know what? I want to be able to trade my items as easily as I can on RuneScape. Like, I can just go to the Grand Exchange, give them my laptop and be like, GIVE ME MONEY!"
  • "Aww, it's that time again where you have to sell your textbooks..."
  • "...I wish life was as easy as RuneScape."
  • I was in a comedic mood. But seriously, if only I could trade things for dollars as easily as I can in a virtual world, like RuneScape!