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A nineteen undergrad. living her life in Melbourne down under as an ABC; still finding my way and developing into a better 'me'.

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Not waiting for hot food to cool down before I eat them and then regreting it after getting a burnt tongue. Maybe that’s why I’m so tolerant of spice and sour foods, because I’ve damaged all those tastebuds.

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Deep-fried onion rings. Omg.

Additionally - growth and improvement, results which are especially important.

Risk-taking and doing what one feels is right often comes into conflict with the standards and views of others. Such disruptions to one’s peace, harmony and contentment often discourages many from taking a chance, pursuing their dreams and living happily. Living. However, in allowing our lives to be moulded by people who know no better and in allowing our lives to be restrained by societal expectations - do we actually have our own lives to live? We know ourselves better than anyone else. We know what we deserve and what we are destined for better than anyone else. It is “the best” - what is best for us, whatever that may be. We make our own definitions. On our journey to achieving “the best”, grasp opportunities as often as you can and surround yourself with positive people who support you and be open to advice from those you trust.

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- Jeff Brown (via cosmofilius)
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