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Compromising to the degree where the ‘satisfaction of my fricking awesome life’ still lies on my indifference curve. The x-axis, my freedom, Happiness(x,y,z) and enjoyment of life. The y-axis, my Happiness(a,b,c), peace and avoidance of conflict.

Compromising to an indifference between brownie point-suckup, good Asian daughter, and good me :) Still have my utility; it can be maximised but I don’t have the available resources. Plus, I bloody hate conflict (yet I’m so stubborn and proud, LOL).

That’s no invitation to try to make me an angelic, submissive and obedient puppy. Fuck you. And don’t you dare try to drag other people into this.

Fucking traditionalists, LOL. Reeeeedickkuuulousss.

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  • Did a speech at my friend’s 21st yesterday; moved her to tears!
  • The expressing of appreciation and verbal form of a massive pat on the back - don’t be afraid of coming off corny and, dare I say, lame. Do it and mean it!
  • Successful continuous self-improvement always astounds me.
  • The first to forgive is always the stronger and/or better person.

Face the sun and saunter your way ahead, regardless of whether or not you know where you’re headed or why you’re heading in that direction. Some advice for me? To slow down and take my time. Saunter. I understand the reasoning, as I’m constantly rushing from A to B for no particular reason and life on the fast lane means that I will miss out on the many little but beautiful gems that surround me. I quite enjoy the fast lane and I rarely take advice from myself, but I’ll work on it.

Something I came across as I was scrolling through the Procrastination Board. These little things don’t only apply to married couples; forgiveness, continuous discovery and understanding are some of the key things that facilitate a healthy relationship.

The Vice-President asked if I have considered assuming a new position for the coming year and it hit me, that I never had. I don’t see much appeal in any of the executive roles and I have quite enjoyed being the committee’s Marketing Director (despite the time-wastage that comes with perfecting my ads and editing the website). This was quite a while ago and she encouraged me to give it some thought. For a while, I didn’t because I like my current role - being able to interact well with the public, the creativity of the role and being able to carry out most of my duties at home. I did play around with the role of Treasurer. No way do I want to be the President, I don’t want to lead something I’m not passionate about. Secretary seems like a passive role but Treasurer, I could help with managing the finances because #AsianTraining and the club doesn’t use funds as wisely as could be.

Why am I tossing these thoughts when I plan on leaving the committee next year? Because I can, lol. The club is fairly new but still needs some guidance. I want to help it grow because it is still a small club that few people know of. The committee is negligent to promotions and contributes little effort to helping it grow, even though that is what they want. I’m torn between enjoying what I do, enjoying working with the people that I work with and wanting to see the club grow, and my ceebs. I know I will leave soon but until then, I  wanna leave a positive impact.

Don’t complain about what you don’t have, be happy for what you do have and look forward to what there is yet to attain.

August 27

Love is…

"Beautiful - a combination of sweet and bitter. Dark chocolate."