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There are realists, right? Realistically, there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you want to, you can’t change it. Pessimistically, if you think pessimistically, you will stay in the past, you will stay in the same place and not move anywhere. If you’re very optimistic, you’ll be chasing something that isn’t very clear and be oblivious to everything that is happening around you. I guess, ideally, you need a balance between being realistic and being optimistic - you need to know that it has happened and that nothing can be done to change what has already happened, and you need to look forward to move on, otherwise you’ll be going nowhere. Forward is the only place anyone can really go. Down the track you will meet new people, and it’s an opportunity for you to learn a bit more about yourself, an opportunity to develop and grow and gain new experiences. I know that we can’t simply just dismiss the past; thinking about the bad things will make you mad, thinking about the good things will make you dwell too long on what went well. I guess we can only take experiences from the past to help us on our way to a better future. Time. I know it will take a very long time for you to get over it but really, things get better as time passes. Don’t wait for time to pass because you don’t know when you’ll feel better and you’ll get frustrated waiting. Just, in the meantime, live your life, you know? Do things that you want to do, take it as an opportunity to learn about yourself and do things that make you happy, because there are many things out there that can do that for you.

Bad movies with good friends: The Room.

It was frustrating to watch and my impatience was through the roof. I like imitating characters and terrible lines.

My cold has returned and worsened. My ears are stuffed too. Feel like puking.

As soon as I find a new job, I’m quitting.

A great, great film.

Should I vent, or should I inspire?

When my body is energetic but my mind is partially, partially tired, I’m weird.

I pressured my friend to eat blue stilton because he didn’t like camembert, only my favourite cheese but whatever. One of the blues were nice because it was creamy, the other one had an interesting taste, quite strong. It was okay but not intolerable. When he said it was gross and that it left an aftertaste, I forced him to eat more. Why? Because he claimed he was a cheese connoisseur. "I’m a cheese connoisseur". I like messing with people. Sometimes. When I’m hyper and crazy. No sugar or anything, merely several quiche tartlets, cheeses and cashew nuts. I think the advisors thought I was a random who came in uninvited to the lunch because they had their eyeballs on me when I went to grab food. One came up to ask me for my name and if I ticked my name off the sheet, LOL. Sorry, sir, I am a guest, I just like to laugh and be welcoming and eat.

Yesterday, I was with RT at the bank because he had to exchange currency before jetting off again. There was an exchange student in front of us and in the midst of trying to get to the front of the line faster, he smoothly started a random conversation with him. It was something quite amusing to see, not just how he did it but more so why. Just ‘cause, no other reason.

"Oh, ‘cause like, foreigners are easy to talk to. They like, don’t know what they’re doing here, coming from another country so like, it’s easy to talk to them. Unlike the people from here, LOL they’re like: what the f*ck, why are you talking to me?

Lol, he’s a funny one.

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And so there’s someone I know who is getting tired of pursuing something that isn’t right for him. Clearly so, because he is no longer motivated - skipping classes, thinking uggghhhhasdgf before actually attending a class. I learnt something new: mid-degree crisis, “kind of like mid-age crisis but when you don’t know what you want to do anymore halfway through your degree”. That could be it. Or, perhaps a different major might be more suited for him.

"Then why are you still studying it? LOLOLOLOLOL."

I tried advising him because if he’s clearly not enjoying it anymore, abort! However, he said he’ll give it another semester to see if things change. I understand where he’s coming from, it isn’t really appealing to begin a different major after having already spent so much time on the current. I hope things work out for him and that he finds something he enjoys studying. He actually chose to do actuarial studies for the same reason I ‘pursued’ it in the first place, lelz. If I work hard to achieve something, I am sure to achieve, so I thought it shouldn’t be a problem. However, I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t enjoy it and it didn’t feel right, so I switched pathways. Do I know what I want to do now? I have got absolutely no idea. For the fun of it, I put on a theatrical scene of panic. I am somewhat concerned for my future because, career-wise, nothing is clear, but I’m okay with it. Visions of where I’ll be constantly changes but so long as I am working towards something, I’m good. I am ‘working’ towards finding that thing I enjoy and will be happy to make a career - temporary or forever. I know what I’m good at but applying it to something like work is difficult. Once in the workforce, diversity is a definite, I don’t think I can be locked down in one career but finding that “thing” in a broad sense would be nice, I don’t want things to be blurry forever.

I had a very good day today, despite walking home in the rain and my frozen hands being unable to hold chopsticks properly. We made some delicious massaman curry again but with the addition of butternut pumpkin. I like my beef and I like my curry. Tis was sweet rather than spicy but it was very good nonetheless. Then I fell asleep. And I slept quite soundly :)

Melbourne got some craaaazy weather today! Almost got blown away by the wind, yet it was nice, sunny and warm up until the afternoon. The clouds loomed over quite suddenly.

The motivation to redecorate my entire bedroom after getting new furniture, the want to reorganise my whole wardrobe after clearing out a shelf; it’s like finding your old primary school diary or an old journal full of entries when you weren’t in the right mind, and the following desire to start afresh.

Not even a pot of cider, not even one pot and I looked sunburnt.

The manchego croquettes are nice though, garlic aioli is pretty delicious too - Collin’s Quarter

I lack self-control. Hey, uni tomorrow.

"You adore me, right?"

Getting closer to people.

Warum/wieso bist du so sexy?